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Bachelor of Science with Honours in Web Technologies (BSCHWT) Information

This programme is offered in partnership with the Caritas Institute of Higher Education (CIHE). The programme is wholly designed by the OUHK Computing Programme team in a response of a healthy demand for IT professionals with knowledge and skills in web technologies.

The degree is awarded wholly by the Open University of Hong Kong.

The role of CIHE is to offer administrative support, campus facilities, and teaching support. Students can enjoy the great facilities over in CIHE such as sports complex and library, Some facilities such as English learning centre are not available at the OUHK.

Aims and Objectives


The BSCHWTF programme aims to produce graduates with knowledge and skills in the analysis, design, and programming of web-based systems, in addition to traditional computing areas such as programming and databases. The programme suite will provide the basis for employment as a web developer or computing professional in commercial and public sectors.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the BSCWTF, students should be able to:

  • Perform competently the work of a computing professional.
  • Analyze problems critically and formulate solutions based on web technologies.
  • Integrate appropriate techniques in object-oriented programming, client-server architecture and web development for developing software solutions.
  • Apply knowledge of relational databases and utilize appropriate techniques to design relational databases for web-based systems.
  • Apply software engineering processes for developing and evaluating software solutions to meet practical budgetary, operational, cultural and ethical constraints.
  • Communicate technical information capably and engage in a collaborative software development environment effectively.
  • Deal with current issues in computing by keeping abreast of professional knowledge and techniques in web technologies
Upon completion of the BSCHWTF, students will also be able to:
  • Apply knowledge and techniques in advanced web technologies.
  • Engage in a project of developing web-based solutions.

Our Reasons of Designing and Launching this Programme

  • There is a healthy demand for IT professionals with knowledge and skills in web technologies. At least 40 percent of our current graduates is employed in companies that create web applications.
  • The currently offered BCOMPHITF programme is a general professional computing degree programme. We believe a more specialized degree such as BSCHWTF programme can give graduates more solid training in the field of web applications.
  • The OUHK Computing Programme team is unable to accommodate the increasing amount of HD/AD students seeking for topup degree opportunities. Two reasons: OUHK campus limitation and small teaching team
    • The OUHK campus is currently holding around 4,000 students. There is no room for the inclusion of more facilities for students. The CIHE has a brand new campus that suits our need. The CIHE herself is seeking to become an university and she has prepared the Tseung Kwan O campus at the standard of a typical university.
    • The Computing Programme team at the OUHK has 9 only academic staff members. We are unable to teach more students.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it an OUHK degree?

Yes. The degree is wholly awarded by the Open University of Hong Kong and conferred upon graduates by the University Senate.

The top student of the Honours degree is normally awarded the Council Medal if certain conditions are satisfied (such as First Class Honours).

Graduates will attend one of the OUHK graduation ceremony session usually held in December every year.

What is the length of the programme?

The Honours degree programme is normally two-year long for a recognized Higher Diploma or Associate Degree holder to complete. The study schedule covers the Autumn and Spring term (there is no Summer term).

Students of the programme have an option to graduate in Bachelor of Science in Web Technologies after the completion of all the 40 credits in Year 3 standing.

The OUHK rule for the maximum duration of study for a fulltime face-to-face programme is N + 2 Years, where N is the nominal period of study. For example, the Honours degree BSCHWTF is normally 2 year long. Students have 4 years maximum to complete the Honours degree.

If a student has opted to take an 1-year internship after the completion of Year 3 standing, the year of internship is included in the counting of years for the purpose of working out maximum duration of study. (Students must apply to the Registrar for the approval of deferment of study due to 1-year internship)

Are the teaching staff members of the programme qualified?

All the teaching staff members have the credentials to teach a university course. They have all been interviewed by the OUHK School of Science and Technology. They are deemed suitable for the teaching appointment.

  • Dr. Raymond PANG, PhD, MPhil, BSc (CUHK)
  • Dr. Jeff TANG, PhD (CityU HK), MSc (HKUST), BEng (CityU HK)
  • Dr. ZHAO Ying Chao, PhD, MEng, BEng (Tsinghua University)
  • Dr. HO Wai Shing, PhD, BEng (HKU)
  • Mr. John LAW Wai Chung, MBA (Ballarat), PGDE (HKIE), PG (English Language Immersion)
  • Dr. Oliver Au, PhD (Loughborough Univ), MSc (U of Toronto), BA Hons (York Univ)
  • Dr. Kelvin Lee, PhD Mphil (HKUST), PDEd BSc (CUHK)
  • Dr. Vanessa Ng, PhD, BSc Hons (CityU HK), CEng
  • Mr. Kevin Tse, MPhil, MEng, BEng Hons (CityU HK)
  • Ms. Terri Wong, MIT (Sydney), BIS (Greenwich)

Is there any CEF course?

Courses that are eligible to apply CEF are: COMPS412F and COMPS413F

Contact Details


  • Dr. Philips WANG (Head of Department): 3653-6749 pwang@cihe.edu.hk
  • Dr. Raymond PANG (Coordinator): 3653-6765 wmpang@cihe.edu.hk
  • Dr. YC ZHAO: 3653-6763 yczhao@cihe.edu.hk
  • Dr. Jeff TANG: 3653-6764 jtang@cihe.edu.hk
  • Mr. John LAW: 3653-6723 jlaw@cihe.edu.hk

CIHE CAPS (Administration)

  • Mr Jason LEUNG (Programme Officer): 3653 6703 ycleung@cihe.edu.hk)


  • Dr. Vanessa NG (Programme Coordinator): 2768-6814 scng@ouhk.edu.hk
  • Dr. Andrew LUI (Programme Leader): 2768-6846 alui@ouhk.edu.hk
  • Dr. Kelvin LEE (Assistant Professor): 2768-6815 kwlee@ouhk.edu.hk
  • Ms. Terri WONG (Assistant Lecturer): 2768-6834 twong@ouhk.edu.hk